See What Profession Burna Boy Would Have Been In If Not Music

September 15th, 2020

Burna Boy is a man of many talents and a lot of fans don’t know that if he wasn’t doing music, he would have been a boxer.

During a zoom call with Nigerian-born New Zealand professional mixed martial artist, Israel Adesanya, Burna Boy revealed this information.

Israel Adesanya during the call said; “my manager was telling me if you weren’t doing music you would’ve fought” and Burna Boy responded with “yea, most definitely” and when asked if he had ever boxed before, he said “yea, I used to do boxing” while Israel Adesanya revealed he used to dance but the problem was that he couldn’t sing.

It was a beautiful chat between two friends who are doing their bits in different ways to bring respect to the continent of Africa.

They talked about other things such as Coronavirus and catching up soon