“What kind of woman is this?” – Comedian Kiekie seen exposing her husband in front of policemen on the street of Lagos (Video)

September 20th, 2023

Popular Nigerian comedian Bukunmi Adeaga Ilori better known as Kiekie recently got social media abuzz following a new video where she is seen exposing her husband.

Recall few days ago, Kiekie makes headlines after asserting during an interview that wives are meant to be splitting the bills with their husbands.

She noted that it doesn’t make sense if a wife is too dependent on her husband as they are supposed to be paying the house rent together.

However, in a new comical video, Kiekie who is in the car with her husband Lasisi Elenu were stopped by two policemen.

In the clip, the husband Lasisi Elenu was accused by the policemen of driving while his trafficator is not working.

As the husband Lasisi Elenu tries to defend himself, the wife Kiekie comes in and by extension tackles him in front of the officers as she recalls how long she has been telling him that the car trafficator is not working.

Kiekie said; “Baby your trafficator is not working, I told you, I reminded you two weeks ago, and I told you to fix it but you forgot. At the end of the day, you tell me I forgot things but you forget every gat damn thing, I even reminded you yesterday.”

This response did not sit well with the husband, Lasisi Elenu who expressed his utmost displeasure towards her for correcting him in front of officers and not at home.

He says “You think this is the best time to be saying that kind of thing in front of officers, why? you to forward.”

The policemen responded by blasting the husband and further accused him of trying to make his wife lie.

Officer woos utters; “You want her to lie to the officer of the law so that she can be an accomplice.”

They further requested for his driving licence and upon checking it, the policemen found out that it has expired.

Swiftly, Kiekie chipped in blaming her husband as she averred that she had already told him that his driver’s license had expired as she had already given her 5months head up adding that he is very forgetful.

While the Policemen accused him of domestic violence, Kikie comes in again, but this time with a combination of positivity and negativity.

According to Kiekie, her husband Lasisi Elenu is very sweet and intentional and he is not physical. She added that her husband was angry because she kept him waiting in the car and during this process, he drank alcohol which is why his energy and blood were pumped while at the checkpoint.

After this statement by Kiekie, the husband Lasisi Elenu was accused of drinking and driving.

Watch the video below;


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alibabagcfr: Olorun ma je ki ari alakoba Aya… lead us not into temptation.

thecrafthubnig: thecrafthubnig 1 h Sometime, the right time to make your point is the wrong time 😂 when you are. Saying it inside the house, dem no Dey gree hear 😂.

africanflamingo_: One of the police na her guy. You can’t tell me otherwise 😂.

kizimege: She is dating the policeman 👮‍♀️ 😍 💕 💓 I will bring her down to discuss with her bf…… mtcheeew.

0fficial_zeep: Oga check well😂 that lady don see chat for your phone 😩😂.

officiallrosie: 😂😂😂😂😂😂 which kain wife be this 😂😂😂😂😂.

asofamous_baba: Some men don’t do things when you tell them rather they pretend to forget and most time women that remind their husband about things like this tend to speak out when the man is in a tight corner 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


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