When planning to study abroad at designations like Australia, international students must be prepared to experience a huge expenditure on tuitions, applications, accommodation, living in Australia and more. The tuition fees for pursuing a specific degree will vary as per institution, level of study, and choice of program. Given below is a table briefing the tuition fees for studying in Australia:

Sector/Program Yearly Fees (AUD) Yearly Fees (INR)
Secondary School 7,800 to 30,000 4.20 lakhs to 16.15 lakhs
ELICOS 300 per week 16,150 per week
VET 4,000 to 22,000 2.15 lakhs to 11.84 lakhs
Foundation Courses 15,000 to 33,000 8.07 lakhs to 17.77 lakhs
Undergraduate Programs 15,000 to 33,000 8.07 lakhs to 17.77 lakhs
Postgraduate Programs 14,000 to 37,000 7.53 lakhs to 19.92 lakhs
Doctoral Programs 14,000 to 37,000 7.53 lakhs to 19.92 lakhs

Note: The costs mentioned are as per the average given by the Australian government. You degree program may or may not lie within this range of fees.

Cost of Living in Australia

The average living expenses in australia are tabulated here.

Expense Type Cost in AUD Cost in INR
Accommodation 1,800 96,900
Phone & Internet 84 4,500
Food 380 20,460
Travel 160 8,600
Gas & Electricity 294 15,830
Entertainment 100 5,380

Accommodations in Australia

There is plenty of student accommodation available in Australia. The costs of these accommodations vary depending on the city you choose to live in, however, given below are certain monthly costs you must be prepared for:

  • Shared Rentals: 270-860 AUD (14,600 to 46,320 INR)
  • Single Rentals: 800-1,760 AUD (43,200 to 94,800 INR)
  • On-campus Housing: 2,000-11,000 AUD (1.08 lakhs to 5.92 lakhs INR)
  • Boarding schools: 840-1,690 AUD (45,240 to 91,000 INR)
  • Hostels & Guesthouses: 360-600 AUD (19,390 to 32,320 INR)

Scholarships for International Students to Study in Australia

International students studying in Australia can receive financial aid in the form of bursaries, scholarships, and grants from the Australian government and universities. Examples of scholarships available to international students in Australia are listed below:

Scholarship Eligibility Award Application
Australian Awards Citizens from Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Africa Full tuition fee, establishment allowance, OSHC, Return air travel, etc Online Application Scholarships Information System
Australian Government Research Training Program Students pursuing Masters or Research Program in Australia RTP tuition fee payment for Higher Degree Research Student, RTP Stipend to pay for living expenses, RTP Allowances to pay ancillary costs of HDR students Apply through RTP website
Endeavor PG Scholarship Awards International students pursuing Masters or Ph.D. courses in Australia Tuition fee, travel allowance, establishment allowance, monthly stipend, and health insurance Apply through international education website of Australian Government
Deakin International Scholarships International students enrolled in coursework programs 25% reduction in tuition Additional application through Deakin University
Melbourne Graduate Scholarship Enroll for eligible masters program at University of Melbourne 25-100% tuition waiver Additional application through University of Melbourne