Nigerian woman cancels her wedding over ‘groom’s refusal to move out of his family house’

May 10th, 2024

Nigerian woman cancels her wedding over

A Nigerian woman, Florence Friday, cancelled her wedding allegedly over the groom’s refusal to leave his family house and rent an apartment. 



The wedding was scheduled for Saturday, May 4th, 2024, in Farin Lamba, Vom, Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State. 



Contrary to reports that Florence cancelled the wedding a day before the ceremony, her cousin, Anny Roberts, claimed it was called off over a month ago. 


“Florence Friday is my cousin and this isn’t the situation, You people’s Morgak did not pay her complete bride price but he wants to proceed with the wedding. And again this wedding was cancelled more than a month ago. Let’s be careful what we post,” she posted. 



According to unconfirmed reports, Florence had earlier requested N30,000 from her groom, Morgak James Seri, on March 28th to book her wedding gown. 


Morgak gave her N15,000 with a promise to complete it the following week but she allegedly threatened to call off the wedding if she didn’t receive the full amount.  Morgak sent her the full amount two days later to book the wedding dress. 


However, after the couple resolved the dress issue, Florence requested Morgak to move out of his family house and rent an apartment. After a lengthy debate, they agreed to live in the family house for two months after the wedding before renting an apartment. 



This agreement was reached before Morgak proceeded with the introductions, church signing, and paying the bride price. However, the wedding didn’t take place.



Confirming the development, Florence’s cousin, Naomi Kareem, said the groom was in a hurry to get married so that Florence could come to stay at his family house and take care of his sick parents. 


“This wedding was put on hold (the last time I heard anything about the wedding was in March). They fixed a date without my family’s consent. How do you fix a wedding without giving the family time to prepare for it. We kept asking her why the rush, apparently he was putting her under pressure, so she can come stay at his family house and take care of his sick parents,’ Naomi wrote. 


“He was putting pressure on her because he wanted our family to fund the entire wedding. This may not have been a problem(this is me saying but I know my grandad and the entire family sef, would not want it) if they gave us ample time.”


“Bear in mind that the cancellation of introduction, was because the dates clashed with visiting day (which we don’t joke with and this happens once a term), so as a family, we requested for it to be moved.”


“Also, bear in mind that she has been the one giving him money for almost all the wedding preparations. I really wouldn’t want to say more than this. She didn’t call off the wedding abruptly and of all the silly reasons to think of, it’s payment for wedding gown. 


One Gotau Nenpoji Gotau, who claimed to be a cousin of the groom, confirmed that the wedding was cancelled because Florence had insisted that Morgak should rent an apartment. 


“According to Morgak, it all started like a joke. In about two weeks to the wedding, one faithful day while they were on phone call gisting about their wedding plans. She then ask him a question, where did you say we are going to stay after our wedding. He replied; at Vom. and she ask, with your parents? He answered yes, and further said, but for just two months so i can figure out what next, probably to rent a place in Vom since that’s where i make my earns need. Then he ask, why is she asking him that question when they have discuss about it already. She said she is no longer inline with that agreement and insisted that he must rent a house before the wedding date, with emphasis that the house must be rented in Jos not Vom,” he narrated. 


“Politely, he responded; we will rent a house wherever you so wish and desire but after the wedding, because I have a lot of things to put in place at the moment before the wedding date which you’re aware, he said!


“He even went too weird to calculate for her what her family ask him to provide before he comes to pick her the day before the D-Day (eve) and it cost more than 500k (+ T.P) aside from the wedding plan itself.


“Upon that, she still insist that he must rent the house “IF NOT NO WEDDING”. He again reminded her of their agreement to stay for two months in the family house after the wedding before parking out and sequel to that, renting a house now will be more or less economic illiteracy and again at a peak of this hard time, his strength can’t shoulder that burden and it’s too late to go about looking for a house prompt to the wedding date. 


“He further said, beside what is the essence of renting a house in Jos when none of them is working or running any business there. He could have consider that option if any of them is working in Jos or running any business there. But she said she is not going to stay in the village and that’s her final.” 


Nigerian woman cancels her wedding over