My mother in-law told me they wished they gave their daughter to Ned Nwoko

March 6th, 2024

My mother in-law told me they wished they gave their daughter to Ned Nwoko - Israel DMW continues to speak on his crashed marriage to Sheila Courage

Davido’s logistics manager, Israel Afeare, has continued to speak about the crash of his marriage to his estranged wife, Sheila. 


In an interview with Daddy Freeze, Israel said there was a time he and Sheila were having a misunderstanding and his mother-in-law told him her family members wished they had given Sheila to politician, Ned Nwoko.


He went on to express his regret at marrying a girl from church and also a girl from a ‘poor background.’’ According to him, he was seated alone when he received an alert saying that the bride price he paid to Sheila was returned via SMS.

‘’When parents think their child’s marriage is an avenue to make money, it is a problem, a big problem. How can a supposed mother-in-law be saying if they had known, they would have given their daughter to Ned Nwoko. I don’t know whether that one told them he wants to marry a second wife. Me and Ned Nwoko, are we mates? Will I not cut my coat according to my size? She herself, are they from a rich home? 

I have come to discover that girls from a wealthy homes do not have problems. It is those that do not have at all that want to prove rubbish. 

I did not slap that girl one day. Sometimes she will insult me and I will just leave my house.

I said I want to marry from the church. Is that one an offence? A pastor’s child for that matter”


When asked if he satisfies her well in bed, Israel said he was surprised that his wife who was a virgin was complaining that he wasn’t satisfying her well in bed.

‘’I dey do as my power reach. She was now even complaining…Baba, I cannot kill myself. There was a day she told me face to face that I wasn’t knacking her well”


Daddy Freeze went on to tell Israel that from the look of things, he still loves Sheila despite all their issues.


Watch clips from the interview below