Kim Kardashian reveals why she wore a cardigan to the Met Gala (video)

May 8th, 2024


Kim Kardashian reveals why she wore a cardigan to the Met Gala (video)

Kim Kardashian has explained why she attended the 2024 Met Gala with a cardigan on top of her dress.


On Monday, May 6, Kardashian arrived at the red carpet for fashion’s biggest night draped in a short, gray sweater by John Galliano that covered the top of her Maison Margiela corset dress. 


As she ascended the stairs on the carpet, Kardashian held her sweater tightly around her shoulders and didn’t take it off while doing interviews and posing for pictures. 


On social media, fans said they were confused about Kardashian’s fashion choice.


However, Kardashian revealed why she wore the cardigan when she did an interview with Vogue on the carpet. 


She explained that she was trying to look like she was in a rush after having “the wildest night” of her life “in a garden.”


“And I just ran out and grabbed my boyfriend’s sweater and threw it on and had to get to work,” she added, laughing. “My hair is all messed up.”


Kim Kardashian reveals why she wore a cardigan to the Met Gala (video)


Later, in a video shared to Vogue’s YouTube page May 7, Kardashian revealed that the cardigan was definitely a part of the initial design of the dress. She said her inspiration came from another Maison Margiela show that featured corsets and sweaters and showed Galliano’s sketch — with the gray sweater included.


She said that her look was inspired by this year’s theme: “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” and the dress code, “The Garden of Time.”


She explained that she and Galliano had “kind of just played around with what we thought this theme meant.”


“Imagining having the best night of your entire life with your most magical person and you are just in a garden. You’ve overslept, you wake up after like, literally the best night of your life and I’m just running out …” she told the outlet. “My dress is falling off because it was one of those nights and I just grab my boyfriend’s sweater to, like, run off and make it to where have to be.”


She joked that she’s often dashing off at the end of events to “make it to (school) carpool” the next morning.


“Real life happens,” she said. “Sometimes I am in my makeup from the night before and it is what it is. But it’s like that, where you … just woke up after the night of my life in this secret garden.”


Watch the video below.