I’m better than you – NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal slams NFL hall of famer and show host Shannon Sharpe

May 10th, 2024



NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal has taken shots at NFL Hall of Famer and show host, Shannon Sharpe, for claiming he’s “jealous” of Nikola Jokic.


The drama began after the “Inside the NBA” crew presented the league’s Most Valuable Player award to Jokic during Wednesday’s show. During their interview, Shaq told the Nuggets superstar he’s the best player in the league but felt Shai Gilgeous-Alexander deserved the award this season instead.


Reacting to Shaq’s comment on his “Nightcap” podcast with Chad Johnson and Gilbert Arenas, Sharpe suggested that the NBA legend is envious of Jokic’s accolades.


He said; 


“Shaq should have five MVPs. He sees a guy like Nikola Jokic who’s not as dominant as him and gets three in four years. When you are historically great, they talk about you as a great basketball player, the GOAT, and Shaq is never brought up.

“I think a part of him is envious of that, it’s hard for me to put someone in the GOAT conversation with one MVP. If Shaq would have had my work ethic, he would have had 40,000 points.”


Shaq took Sharpe’s words personally, firing back on Instagram and accusing him of click-baiting, as he was only sticking up for SGA. Things got even more personal as Shaq said Shannon is actually jealous of him. 


He said; 


“Don’t forget I know what you did to get [where] you at. Me jealous, sounds like you are jealous. I [know] you tryna stay relevant by gossiping on your podcast … 4 rings three finals MVP top 50 and top 75. Google me. And, to [be] quite frank all this new success you got, you still under me.”


Shaq further stated that he’s got more money and is just simply better all around.


Sharpe responded by saying “He can take all the shots. Yeah you got more money, yeah you’re more famous than me, yeah you’re more well-known, you’re gonna have more money than I ever have but nobody will ever say that I was lazy or I cheated myself.”


Their beef has taken a different turn as Shaquille O’Neal to the mic, dropping a diss track amid. Listen below……………………….