‘I wanted her to become a celebrity’- Man arrested for posting indecent photos of his three year old daughter online speaks

May 14th, 2024

The Nigerian man in Edo state who was arrested for posting indecent contents of his three year old daughter online said he shared the contents because he wanted her to become a celebrity.


After his arrest on Sunday, May 12, he was interrogated by the police and in a video recorded, the man said he didn’t mean any harm when he posted her photos online. He said he just wanted his daughter to become a model as she is too young to be a comedian.


‘’I did not mean to harm anybody. I have been so used to watching content creators, comedy and others. I felt she is too small and cannot be doing comedy. I started to bring her up in the model way by wearing model dresses like ‘catapult pant’ to cover herself and make her as a model. This month, May 28 is her birthday. I went to do her birthday bash. I posted it on her page and it went viral.”

When asked if his action is right, the distraught father said

‘’I wanted her to become a celebrity”

The little girl is currently in the custody of the Edo state government. LIB reported that the police arrested the father of the minor in Auchi on Sunday, May 12, 2024, after her semi nude videos and photos sparked public outrage on social media.

Some images also showed the minor in revealing clothes while in the company of her father and some men in a hotel.

Watch a video of him speaking below