Germany Tourism: Why Germany is one of the top tourist attractions in the world

November 18th, 2023

Beautiful landscape in GermanyVisiting Germany’s most famous cities is a top priority for many. But a vacation in picture-perfect villages is also possible, as well as attending spectacular events!

While Berlin is a favorite travel destination for tourists from near and far, Bavaria is actually the most popular tourist destination in the country, with 100 million overnight stays in 2019. This is because Germany is also a really popular vacation destination among Germans. This means that most visitors come from Germany itself! According to, the following countries rank next: The Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA.

When traveling to or within Germany, the majority of people are looking for history, culture and natural beauty. In metropolitan cities such as MunichBerlin or Hamburg, those interested in culture enjoy visiting spectacular sights or experiencing art. Active holidaymakers like to head to the Bavarian Alps, the Black Forest or the Rhine Valley to indulge in some real action.

How do tourists travel to Germany?

Many visitors, especially those coming from Europe, travel to Germany by car or train. Many who come from other parts of the world also fly into one of Germany’s major cities and then continue their journey by bus or train.

How do you travel to Germany with Covid-19 restrictions?

International travel is possible in Germany and most other European countries. There are a few rules that need to be followed under Covid-19 restrictions, especially if you are coming from a high-risk area somewhere in Europe or other parts of the world:

  • To help distinguish between affected countries, Germany has established a system that divides countries and regions into different areas: Virus variants and high-risk areas.
  • Everyone coming from a virus variant area has to isolate themselves for fourteen days, those coming from high-risk areas have to stay in self-isolation for ten days.

ℹ️ Find a list of current high-risk areas and virus variant areas here.

ℹ️ Travelers from the following third countries can enter Germany without restrictions.

ℹ️ Residents of other non-EU countries are allowed to enter Germany only if they are working in an important function, have an urgent need to travel or have a complete vaccination.

If you would like to learn more about traveling to Germany during the pandemic, please refer to this article.


What do tourists want to see in Germany?

Many people visiting Germany enjoy several destinations during their trip. Thus, they often choose one region to stay in, such as the Black Forest in the southwestern corner of Germany, and from there visit various other regions – like Baden-Baden (which is only a one-hour drive away) or even Neuschwanstein (a palace commissioned by King Ludwig II and the ultimate fairytale castle with great landscapes all around).

Germany’s larger cities are also among the main tourist attractionsHamburg, in the far north, for example, is a popular travel destination for city travelers who enjoy art, culture and special events at the opera.

Have you heard of the Cologne Cathedral? Cologne boasts an extraordinary cathedral, Frankfurt is a very international city that should be visited at least once, and Munich has superb events like the Oktoberfest in the early fall.