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November 18th, 2023

New Zealand is one of the world class countries offering a unique experience of studying abroad. With plenty of growing scholarship programs for international students the country is focused on offering the maximum number of scholarships to the overseas candidates. Around 90,000 international students are attracted by the top study programs in New Zealand every year.

The average annual expenses for those planning to study in New Zealand, ranges around 10,62,000 to 27,00,000 INR. These expenses are hard to bear for some students and can be waived off by the involvement of various scholarship programs available in the country for overseas students.

However, the Government of New Zealand is setting their eyes on doubling the number of international students in the country by 2025. To advocate for international students studying in New Zealand, lots of scholarship programs, including some 100% fee coverage plans are being implemented at present by the following organizations:

  • New Zealand Government
  • Other Governments
  • Institutions
  • Philanthropists

Scholarships in New Zealand: Government Scholarships

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade takes care of the scholarship programs for the international students. Here are the details of the government scholarships available for the international students.

International Tertiary Students Scholarships in New Zealand

This is a government scholarship program of New Zealand offered to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The scholarships are provided to applicants from six parts of the world based on their country region. Expenses for living and accommodation in New Zealand of up to 25,000 NZD (equivalent to 13,50,000 INR) and health insurance cost of up to 600 NZD (equivalent to 33,000 INR) per year.

  1. Pacific Countries
  2. Asian Countries
  3. African Countries
  4. Carribean Countries
  5. Latin American Countries
  6. Commonwealth Countries

The Indian students are eligible to avail these scholarships as a part of the Asian countries.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Eligibility: The student must be a resident of any of the the eligible countries, the applicant must be willing to apply for an undergraduate degree, postgraduate diploma or certificate, masters degree or PhD
  • The applicant must at least 18 years of age or below 40 years old
  • Application Deadline: Mid August
  • Work experience (1 years full-time or 2 years part-time)
  • English language proficiency scores:
    • IELTS – 6.0 [UG] | 6.5 [PG]
    • TOEFL IBT – 80 [UG] | 90 [PG]

New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships

The New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships are segments of the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan. Full tuition fees, one time establishment allowance of 3,000 NZD (1.49 lakhs INR), followed by a living allowance of 491 NZD (equivalent to 24,491 INR). The principal perspectives of the program are

  • Promotion of mutual cooperation between the Commonwealth countries in the field of education.
  • Being available all across the Commonwealth
  • Handpick the best candidates to promote and recognize the highest level of intellect

Eligibility Requirements for Commonwealth scholarship in New Zealand:

  • Eligibility: The student needs to be a citizen of the eligible countries, the student needs to have excellent academic records in MA or Ph.D degree.
  • Eligible courses:
    • Disaster Risk Management
    • Climate Change and the Environment
    • Renewable Energy
    • Governance
    • Food Security and Agriculture
  • Application Deadline: The student should be a citizen of any of the eligible countries including Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Malaysia
  • English language proficiency scores:

Scholarships in New Zealand: New Zealand Excellence Awards

The New Zealand Excellence Awards is a scholarship program specially designed for the Indian students. It jointly funded by the 8 top ranked New Zealand universities in the world and Education New Zealand. A total fund of 300,000 NZD will be awarded to the eligible Indian students. One-time payment of 5000 NZD (2.49 lakhs INR) for PG and 10,000 NZD (4,98 lakhs INR) for UG. Out of 31 scholaships, 28 will be awarded to pg students while 3 will given to ug students. Here’s a list of the universities in New Zealand offering excellent courses to the Indian students:

  1. Lincoln University
  2. Massey University
  3. AUT University
  4. Victoria University of Wellington
  5. The University of Waikato
  6. University of Otago
  7. The University of Auckland

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Eligibility: The applicant must be at least 18 years of age while applying for the scholarship, the applicant should have a citizenship of India and should not have a
  • A GPA equivalent to B+ grade in the recent qualification achieved
  • Offer letter from a any of the above mentiond New Zealand university
  • Curriculam vitae