Four-year-old boy who died in Abuja school laid to rest (video)

May 10th, 2024


Four-year-old boy who died in Abuja school laid to rest (video)

Four-year-old pupil of BrickHall School in Abuja, Miguel Ovoke, who died during feeding hours has been laid to rest.


He was buried on Friday, May 10, 2024, at the Gudu Cemetery, Abuja.


Miguel was rushed to the Excel Specialist Hospital in Kaura, after choking on a piece of meat during lunch at school on Wednesday, April 24, 2024. 


The death certificate dated April 24, 2024, issued by the hospital revealed that the boy passed away after he was brought in by his teachers around 11 am in an unconscious state.


The deceased child was taken to the hospital “on account of aspiration on meat while feeding at school” according to the medical report signed by Dr Akinwande Ajayi, on behalf of the Medical Director.


Speaking in a joint press conference after the burial, the school and the family of Miguel Ovoke, revealed that they will establish an educational foundation that would offer scholarships to students. 


The Ovoke family urged the public to respect their privacy, adding that protests should not be entertained henceforth. 


The school also reaffirmed that provision of an excellent and child-friendly learning atmosphere for all their students would be their priority.


“The Ovoke family, management, staff and students of Brickhall School have been thrown into mourning by the tragic passing of our dearly beloved Miguel Ovoke, who until his demise was a pupil at Brickhall school, Abuja,” the statement read.


“Indeed, no amount of tears can erase the pain of the loss, and we count this unfortunate situation an Act of God. We are consoled by our knowledge of the fact that it is the Almighty that gives, and he alone can take, for we as mortals are not in a position to question the wisdom of the Almighty.


“To preserve the memory of our son, Miguel Ovoke, the family will set up an educational foundation that will provide scholarships for indigent students in honour of Miguel


“Brickhall School has decided to immortalize Miguel Ovoke by naming the early year’s Resource Room at Brickhall School in memory of Ovoke. 


“Brickhall School will support the Miguel Ovoke Foundation by granting scholarships to selected underprivileged children in memory of Ovoke. 


“Brickhall School reaffirms their commitment to providing an excellent and child-friendly learning environment for all of their students and the Ovoke family acknowledges the positive steps taken by Brickhall School to address this regrettable incident.”





The medical team of the hospital said upon examination, that the boy’s pupils were fixed and dilated, with a nonreactive response to light. The doctors also mentioned that his peripheral pulses were said to be “impalpable, blood pressure was unrecordable, and there was no cardiopulmonary activity or respiratory excursions, silent chestFour-year-old boy who died in Abuja school laid to rest (video)Four-year-old boy who died in Abuja school laid to rest (video)