Father attacks the father of his daughter’s bully after he failed to caution his daughter (video)

May 15th, 2024

Father attacks the father of his daughter

A dad is going viral on social media after sharing how he handled his daughter’s alleged bully. 


Kavi, as he’s named on TikTok, explained that there were multiple attempts on his behalf to end the bullying.


After the bullying continued, he attacked the bully’s dad to teach his daughter a lesson about consequences. 


Kavi says he got his brothers to help with the beatdown of the bully’s father


“To the seven-year-old girl who had to watch me and my brothers jump her daddy at the school, I’m sorry. I know that was probably a traumatizing experience for you. But we kept asking you to stop bullying my daughter, and you wouldn’t listen,” the dad said in his viral TikTok video.


As the 30-second video continued, Kavi shared that he tried to end the bullying in other ways before resorting to a fight. 


He said he “sent letters home” and “had a meeting” with the girl and her parents. Still, the child allegedly “wouldn’t listen.” 


“So now, you know your actions have consequences, and since you too young to receive those consequences, you had to watch your daddy take those consequences. Get some therapy, you’ll be aight.”


His actions elicited mixed reactions. While some approved of the way he handled the situation, others told him he was wrong.


Watch him tell the story in the video below.