Chelsea striker, Sam Kerr called a police officer a ‘stupid white PC’ as she’s charged with racially aggravated harassment

March 6th, 2024

Chelsea striker, Sam Kerr called a police officer a

Chelsea striker, Sam Kerr allegedly called a police officer a ‘stupid white PC’ during a boozy night out in Twickenham.



Kerr, 30, was charged on Monday, March 4, with racially aggravated harassment of a police officer and entered a not guilty plea, with Kingston Crown Court scheduling a four-day trial for February 2025.



A Metropolitan Police spokesperson confirmed that the incident, which took place on January 30, 2023, was sparked by a dispute over a taxi fare before Kerr allegedly used insulting, threatening or abusive words that caused alarm or distress to PC Lovell.



And now it can be revealed that the Chelsea and Australia star allegedly called PC Lovell a ‘stupid white PC’. 



She also allegedly threw up in the taxi.



Kerr has been charged with intentionally causing racially aggravated harassment, alarm, or distress to the male PC under section 31(1)(b) of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. 



If she is convicted next year, the Australian captain faces a maximum sentence of two years in prison. 



Kerr was summonsed via postal requisition to first appear at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court on February 1. The case was then committed to Kingston Crown Court. 



She wore a white t-shirt under a black suit jacket as she appeared via video link, and spoke only to confirm her identity and to enter a not guilty plea to the charge. 



Kerr was told she was obliged to attend a four-day trial, scheduled for next February, during which two police officers are expected to give evidence. 



A hearing is scheduled to take place on April 26 where her defence is expected to try to dismiss the case, claiming there was an abuse of process.



Judge Judith Elaine Coello said she understood Kerr’s defence would be that she did not intend to cause alarm, harassment or distress to the police officer and that her slur was not racially motivated. 



According to The Sun, the delay in charging her was due to CPS lawyers deliberating over what offence to prosecute her for. 



‘This morning, the first time I heard about it was this morning,’ he said.



‘I was informed this morning and obviously was surprised and had some time to talk to the federation [Football Australia] about it.



‘And as you know the federation has come out with a statement. 



Because it is a legal process, I need to refer to that statement. ‘Unfortunately, I can’t comment more than that.



‘But I can make it very clear that today was the very first time I ever heard about it.’



Gustavsson was asked about Kerr’s character and if the alleged offence was in line with her personality. 



‘I can’t comment on the offence because it’s a legal matter at this point,’ he said.



‘The only thing I can comment [on] is my experience and interactions with Sam, as a person, as a footballer.



‘And I have only positive experiences from that.’