Best Student Scholarships for a Master’s Degree in Germany in 2023

November 18th, 2023

Germany has worldwide fame among international students due to the practically oriented degrees, lifestyle and, of course, tuition-free degree programmes (only applies to public universities). You only have to pay a small administrative fee each semester.

However, financially speaking, studying in Germany is not just about tuition fees. International students also have to pay for their accommodation, food, additional living expenses and, of course, for study materials.

Some financial aid programmes are awarded to international students only in exceptional cases, and most universities in Germany don’t include funding opportunities.

We recommend checking out these universities in Germany:

You have more reasons to look for Master’s degree scholarships in Germany if you’re interested in a Master’s programme in a different subject than the one you studied during your Bachelor’s programme. For instance, if you completed a Bachelor’s degree in History and plan to do a Master’s in Computer Science in Germany, you will be charged tuition fees.


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