Bandit’s Kept Reedem Church Members On a Trip in there Custody—and Requested 50million for there Realse

March 28th, 2021

Bandits have made many people, to be scared of Travelling to very remote areas within the northern part of the Country. The way they are Abducting people is becoming Too much. On Friday, 8 Church members of the Redeem Christian Church of God in Kaduna State, were Abducted on their way for an outreach in one of the villages within Kaduna State. The Eight of them, made use of the church’s bus but unfortunately for them, they couldn’t reach their Destination.

According to what channels Television reported about the Issue, the group of Bandits who Abducted the Eight Church members have demanded that, a sum of 50 million Naira be paid to them before they release the members. One of the Church member, the Church’s PRO, disclosed the information to news men. According to what the Pastor said, when they arrived at the scene of the kidnap, they got a call from the suspected Bandits, who told them to pay the some of 50 million.

The church are trying to see ways in which they can set their members free. And they have contacted the police to follow up the case, and ensure the safe release of their members. They have also gone ahead and declared prayers for the Abducted members.

May God answer their prayers, and let those who were abducted be released to their families.


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