6 World Footballers That Have Slept With Their Teammate’s Wives (No. 6 Will Make You Cry)

March 19th, 2020

A lot of people say women are one of the biggest problems the world has today – Do you agree?

The term “problem” in this context does not have to do with the woman-character or her negative features, it points to the lust the man has for a woman.

Women are unarguably the most beautiful creatures in the world today. Their pretty face, adoring body shape, and mind-blowing antics can make a woman get whatever she wants without lifting a finger.

Well, we all know cheating is one of the most painful thing especially when it’s happening to us (I mean when someone played us).

However, it only does not happen amongst you and me alone but even amongst people that are supposed to be professionals.

Footballers are professionals, right? But I guess the adoring nature of a woman cannot be tamed by the rule of professionalism which is why some of the world’s popular footballers have lust after their teammates’ wives and actually slept with them.

Do you want to know these ‘bad boys’? Check the list below.

In case you want us to remind you about the title again, here you have it => 6 Popular Footballers That Have Slept With Their Teammates’ Wives.

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1. John Terry

The former Chelsea captain trailed his former teammate, Wayne Bridge’s marriage with his wife, Vanessa Peroncel till it crashed.

Noticing that it crashed, the player like a thief in the night found his way to Vanessa and manipulated her until they became love birds.

Wayne Bridge left Chelsea to join Man City and he refused to shake hands with the player before the game. He also didn’t play for England in 2010 because of the issue.

2. Thibaut Courtois

The Real Madrid keeper was used as a bait for revenge by Kevin De Bruyne’s girlfriend, Caroline Linjen.

De Bruyne had gone out with his girlfriend’s best friend, sleeping with her. However, in a way to seek revenge by the devastated lady, she decided to go out with Courtois and she made sure they slept with each other.

De Bruyne got really upset when he learnt about this, but he had to accept his fate.

3. Mauro Icardi

Apart from being a ‘bad boy’ in football, Mauro Icardi is also one that would defy all odds to have a taste of a woman he likes no matter the circumstance.

This attitude of his came into manifestation when he fell in love with his teammate’s wife, Maxi Lopez.

He took advantage of the fact that Maxi and his wife were having issues in their marriage and made a move on her.

He eventually had his way as he married Lopez’s wife and always flaunts their love on social media. Maxi and Icardi are now in separate teams but the latter once refused to shake the hands of the Icardi in the pre-match.

4. Jorda Ayew

The Ghanaian player has a sexual affair with his teammate, Afriye Acquah’s wife for four years.

The player was exposed when a video was leaked showing Acquah’s wife, Amanda talking sweetly about her extra-marital relationship with Ayew.

5. Mesut Ozil

As innocent as this talented footballer looks, who would imagine the way he supplies sublime passes to his teammate is the way he would supply himself into the heart of his teammate’s woman.

Ozil did this to Christian Lell, an under-21 teammate.

Lell accused Ozil of making dangerous moves on his woman at a time but was constantly denied by the culprits.

Lell, however, got hold of his woman’s phone one day and saw evidence of her romance with Ozil.

6. Paul Terry

He is the older brother of former Chelsea captain, John Terry. Paul had sex with his teammate’s wife, Dale Robert in 2010.

When the news of the incident got exposed, Terry’s colleagues were upset and supported their goalkeeper. They protested that they wouldn’t kick a ball for the team if Terry did not leave the team.

The club danced to the tune of the majority and sent Terry out of the club. However, Robert couldn’t contain the shame that the news brought upon him as he went into depression.

Robert later committed suicide by hanging himself later on for not being able to bear the shame Terry’s cat brought upon him.

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