5-Step Guide to Entering for the Indomie Heroes Awards!

May 9th, 2024

Nominate Your Hero: 5-Step Guide to Entering for the Indomie Heroes Awards!
L-R: Temitope Ashiwaju, Group Corporate Communications and Events Manager, Dufil Prima Foods LTD; Oluwadamilola Olujide, Associate Consultant, Chain Reactions Africa; Karishma Rustagi, National Coordinator, Indomie Fan Club, and Chidiebere Onuorha, Senior Consultant, Chain Reactions Africa at a Press Conference to flag off the 16th edition of the Indomie Heroes Awards in Ikeja on Friday May 9, 2024.



Hey champs, parents, and hero supporters! Are you ready to celebrate a remarkable and courageous child around you? It’s time to nominate your hero for the Indomie Heroes Awards! The Indomie Heroes Awards is a platform that celebrates the bravery and heroism of children aged 15 and below at one time or another anywhere in Nigeria.
Let’s make this process super easy and fun for both kids and parents. Here’s how:


1. Step One: Let’s Go Online!

First off, grab your device and head to the Indomie Heroes Awards website www.heroesofnigerian.com Look for the “Entry Submission” tab – it’s like finding the treasure map to hero greatness!


2. Step Two: Choose Your Hero’s Category!

Now, which category suits your nominee’s awesome deed from the list? Is it Physical Bravery (think daring rescues), Social Bravery (making the world a better place), or Intellectual Bravery (brainpower and innovative solutions)? Pick the perfect fit!


3. Step Three: Fill in the Hero Entry Form!

Parents and guardians, please this is where you enter your details – name, email, and phone number. But don’t forget to select your hero’s age from the specified dropdown list!


4. Step Four: Tell Your Hero’s Tale!

Ready to share your hero’s story with the world? Use the story box to introduce them – share their name, where they’re from, and what makes them superheroic. Dive into their brave endeavours and why they’re total hero material!


5. Step Five: Check Your Hero List and Blast Off!

Before you send off your hero’s tale, double-check everything. Make sure it’s all good to go – then, with a big smile hit that “Submit” button!


Nominate Your Hero: 5-Step Guide to Entering for the Indomie Heroes Awards!



By submitting, you would be taking the first step in celebrating Nigeria’s incredible young changemakers. Keep spreading those acts of kindness and bravery – you never know whose life you might touch. Thanks for joining us on this hero’s journey. Let’s keep the hero love going strong!