5 Nigerian Artists Who Started Singing From The Church (No.1 Is A Global Star Now)

April 27th, 2020

Most artistes began their musical journey from the church.

The church was a breeding ground for most people. So while growing up and ascending from the children’s class, you have to join the workforce and be useful.

So either you join the ushering unit or joined the songbirds at the Choir. Most people go to the choir because you end up wearing white and black and you most times are not confused about what to wear to church on Sunday.

Bants aside, most artistes started their musical journey from the church. But we profile few of them who have had a successful transition so far.

1. WizKid

Starboy has always said in his interviews he began his career from the church and even had a rap group and they actually recorded an album according to Wizkid. Sounds interesting.

2. Rema

Even from his real name, Divine Ikubor, Rema’s parents would be core Christian parents for sure.

His biography stated “He formed a rap group with peers at his church” just like Wizkid. And a post I read on Facebook said his stage name was Rhema at first but Don Jazzy changed it to Rema. Wow is the word.

3. MI Abaga

Perhaps the greatest Nigerian rapper to ever exist also began his music career from the church. His parents were head of a church and MI along with his brother Jesse Jagz had access to the church instruments. With time, he became the church’s pianist and together with Jesse, they formed Rytchus Era.

4. Simi

Simi grew up singing and dancing in the church choir. And reports also have it that she wrote her first song at the age of 10. What’s more surprising is the fact that her first album was a gospel album.


Egbert Papa 1 of Bayelsa is never shy to tell anyone who cares to listen that before he became the Ukwu crooner, he once used to sing songs to honour and please God.

Started his career as a chorister in a church in Bayelsa before he later became a back-up for Eedris Abdulkareem for three years

Safe to say the church a huge part in grooming these superstars,

So guys,

Which Other Celebrity Do You Know Of That Started From The Church?

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